Appreciating the Blessed Little Moments

Appreciating the Blessed Little Moments

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It’s the small stuff that matters.

Stop to appreciate the little things in life.

We have heard these sayings over and over, and I have heard them more now that Mia is in our lives. It seems like they come from everyone we know and while I have always felt I have appreciated my time with Mia, I find myself living in the moment so much more now since I have gone back to work after summer break. I appreciate all the blessed little moments so much more! The little sparks of joy push me through my day from one rat race to the next. They are my breath of fresh air amongst paperwork, lesson planning, and meetings. They are also what get me through Mia’s rough days and if you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll know how we’ve had struggles with teething lately!

Sure, we had plenty wonderful moments during the summer, but not being there every moment of my family’s day now makes me take in each one I do have even more. I don’t want to forget even a single one of these spots of joy! God has given me this life and these moments to appreciate it! Isn’t it wonderful how He works through our families (the smallest members included) to show us the vastness of His love? Even through the trying times where I’m just exhausted, worn out and don’t think I can take anymore, He sends a moment to revive the hope I need! So, It is about time that I take stock of these precious jewels!

Appreciating the Blessed Little Moments


One moment I will never forget is when Mia danced for the first time. Mia was not going to sleep for us the other night. It was past her bedtime and I was rocking her and trying to nurse her and she was not having it. She kept sitting up and reaching for the curtain or the items on her dresser. Finally, she reached for a stuffed cow that sang Old McDonald. I made it sing, and she danced! Mia had never danced before! She bounced up and down and twisted her body from side to side with a big smile on her face. Where this came from, I don’t know. Her love of music had to come from with in!

She proceeded to stay up for another hour and dance to Old McDonald for probably half of it. It was way past her bedtime by the time she went to sleep, but seeing her joy was completely worth it! She now dances about every day, and it each time is just as fun to watch as the first.


Daddy's Girl - Appreciating the Blessed Little Moments in LifeIn the past month, Mia has started hugging things without reserve. She now hugs her baby, her stuffed animals, and the kitties. But the time that truly made my heart melt into a giant puddle was when she hugged her daddy.

Mia has always been a mama’s girl and cries to me for all her upsets, but the tides might be turning! I picked her up early from daycare and we were playing in the living room when Cody got home. Mia heard the garage door open and she crawled to the door as quick as she could and bounced up and down waiting for Cody to walk in.

Instead, he went to get the mail so I brought her to the front door. We stepped outside to meet him and she instantly reached for him to the point of falling out of my arms. She squeezed around his neck with both of her arms and wouldn’t let go. It was such a BIG hug from such a tiny little girl. Mia acted as if she hadn’t seen her daddy in weeks instead of just a few hours. My heart became a puddle on the ground and tears pooled in my eyes.

Mia’s unconditional love for everything around her makes the world a better place! If all of us adults showed half the love of one tiny child, the world could change in a day. The love of a child is so unreserved and trusting. Something we could all learn more about.


Sometimes even the little annoying things can be the blessed little moments we cherish. Earlier this week, I came home exhausted and just wanted to sit, but I had a list of chores to do that seemed a mile long. I started a few and just when I was about to take a break, I decided to empty the dishwasher first. I opened it up and there wasn’t a dish to be seen! Cody had put them all away without even mentioning it to me. The sense of relief I felt with one less thing to do was probably a little ridiculous!

Of course, the dishwasher doesn’t stay empty forever, and we end up doing other acts of kindness for each other but, every once in awhile, I still find a random dish out of place. Like the potato peeler. In the silverware drawer. It’s tempting to get annoyed that he still doesn’t know where it goes; but instead, I remember that sense of appreciation I felt and why I love my husband so much!


While climbing will be a problem later, right now we appreciate the little spark of independence!So I know climbing is going to be a big problem in our future, but right now it is cute and impressive! Mia can’t climb on anything too tall yet, but she climbs into boxes and suitcases and the other day she climbed on the round chair in my classroom! She is getting so adventurous. She stands up by herself without holding onto anything and is so close to taking a few steps! After each new feat, she turns back our way to make sure we are watching as if to say, “Look Mom and Dad! See what I did!” It is exciting to see her become independent, go exploring, and learn. However, it is bittersweet as well knowing she won’t be our sweet tiny baby forever!


We had mealtimes together all summer, but now that I don’t get to come home for lunch, having a meal with our family is a treasured moment. They don’t always happen every day. When they do, Mia sits in her JOOVY high chair between Cody and I while we all eat. Mia gets upset if she realizes she is eating something different from us. Then we have to share! (I completely blame this on our baby-led weaning, which has been amazing!)

While Mia won’t remember these meals as a family yet, they bring us all closer together. Cody and I get to share our day and Mia interacts with both of us at the same time. Seeing her become a big mess is also pretty entertaining, until it’s time to clean up! 😀

Trying New Things

Watching a baby try new things helps you see the blessed little moments for the first time all over again!
Mia loved trying a pear for the first time!

I always get so excited when I know Mia will be trying something new. Whether it is a new food or a new place to visit, her reaction helps me see each experience for the first time all over again. The wonder in her eyes and the smile on her face make all the blessed little moments a grand adventure! She helps us see God’s creation through fresh eyes. We are reminded that He created this world and everything in it and it is time to stop and appreciate all He has given us!

Appreciate the Blessed Little Moments

Wow, that list became longer than I expected and now I have all the warm and fuzzies inside of me! Taking the time to list all the happy moments that we are thankful for in our lives really helps to build positivity! And isn’t the day so much easier to take on with a positive attitude? So now it is your turn! What moments have you taken the time to stop and appreciate lately? What acts of kindness have turned your head? Share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog! Use the box at the top or bottom of this page!



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  1. I so agree with you, each little moments spend with our babies are worth to be treasured. I am a memory catcher, capture each moment of my little one in my camera to be cherished forever. I get amazed to see my boy fascinated by something and devote a lot of his time in exploring it, whereas there are times when he doesn’t want to sit at a place for long. Nemit has recently started kissing us, he would come and hold our face and give a long kiss and then a big smile and off to his play. Sometimes wish to have it all captured. Loved your post, so much relatable. Love to Mia ❤

  2. I loved reading this…. They grow up so fast and we as mommas do alot and sometimes we don’t notice the little things. All those things you mentioned hugging, dancing, etc… So important to do those things with our babies. And baby girl is sooooo adorable.

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