About Me

Hello! I am Stacy, the face behind the writing here! I am a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl and I have been married to her daddy for almost three years. I am also a middle school math and science teacher, and while this blog is not about teaching, my job will definitely impact how I parent. I want to raise children that I would want to have in my classroom someday! However, it should be apparent that I am nowhere near an expert on momming or being a housewife, but I encourage you to join me as I figure it out!

Moms these days are responsible for so many things and looking so perfect to the outside world, we just need to take a moment and stop to appreciate everything we have and realize the we are enough! You can be whatever kind of parent you choose as long as your children are healthy and happy. So, I am showing you a small peek into my life in hopes that it gives you a few ideas for yours and maybe I can encourage you to try something new!