10 Last Minute Things to Do for Dad

10 Last Minute Things to Do for Dad

So Father’s day is TOMORROW! And, it’s 5:00. On Saturday. Crap. Mia takes after her mom and is not a good planner. She didn’t get anything for her Daddy for Father’s Day. (Never mind that she is 7 months old and it is completely her mom’s responsibility!) So, if you are last minute like we are, here are 10 last minute things to do for Dad!

10 Last Minute Things to Do for Dad

Last Minute Ideas for Father’s Day:

  1. Take a cute picture of the kids and make it his lock screen on his phone. (Nobody carries wallet pictures these days!) cute baby wearing a bow
  2. Let him watch what HE wants to watch on TV.
  3. Have the kids make him supper (with a little help from mom), but they get to choose what it is! If it’s pancakes, so be it! It’s their gift!
  4. Have each of your kids answer these questions about their dad. If you have more than one child, don’t let them hear each other’s answers! 🙂 Here’s the free printable from Momista Beginnings! You could even video their answers! 🙂 If you do this, I want to see them!!questions all about Dad
  5. Make dad a coupon book full of things just for Dad. Depending on the age of the kids, these can vary from washing the car to a big hug! You can also include some from mom like a free Saturday to do whatever he wishes! Don’t have time to make your own? Print these for free!Father's Day coupon book
  6. Surprise him with time to do his favorite hobby! Golfing, fishing, running, etc. Taking the kids is totally optional!
  7. Go out to eat! Especially if your family doesn’t do this often, it can be a real treat for dad and the kids.
  8. Let him take a nap! 🙂
  9. Clean out his vehicle! Vacuum and everything!
  10. Make a quick Father’s Day card like this one:Hands Down Best Dad Ever Father's Day Card

As for Mia, she whipped together this for her Daddy:

First Father's Day Gift from Baby

I printed it out and put it in a frame for her! 😛

Thank You Dads!

But, to all the dad’s out there, thank you for all that you do! Your children look up to you and you are their first role model. You teach them to work hard, be honest, trust each other, and play fair. You show them what a loving, respectful relationship is by how you treat their mother. From teaching them to crawl, to driving a car, you are always there for your children. Thank you for all that you do!!


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